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Legislative, Regulatory & Policy Council

The LHA’s Legislative, Regulatory & Policy Council (LRPC) was established in 2001 to enable the LHA to improve performance and coordination of the existing policy development process in several key areas: 1) more timely and accurate identification of issues; 2) increased involvement of the membership in policy matters, both in identifying issues and influencing positions to be taken; and 3) better utilization of Board responsibilities and resources in the development of policy.

CHARGE: The Board of Trustees (BOT) is the sole body within the LHA that has authority and responsibility for establishing policy for the LHA. To assist the LHA in accomplishing policy responsibilities, the Board annually will appoint the LRPC chair and its members and charge it with assisting staff in identification of those issues advantageous to the LHA and its members at the federal and state levels so that the association can express its collective opinion through a policy, statement or position. These positions are used to determine support of specific legislation and regulation where feasible and otherwise guide association staff in responding to the media and public. The LRPC may on occasion identify and establish a priority for those issues that should be investigated or considered in depth and to recommend to the Board the appointment of appropriate task forces, including a recommended charge and time frame for each.

The core membership of LRPC reflects the diversity of LHA membership. In addition, constituency associations by invitation will have a seat at the table to provide additional perspective and coordinate efforts for those issues that they have in common with the LHA. By working together, the LHA can and should serve as the "master convener" of health policy formation in Louisiana.

For more information on LRPC, contact Advocacy Coordinator Meaghan Musso

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